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The BLUE LEOPARD LAIR is a music and creative sound studio designed and operated by:

Eric 'Baron' Behrenfeld



I was looking for a new place that I could record in for a new album project with my band Tiki Cowboys. However, I wanted an environment to work and create in, not just a production room. And, I wanted to use the space for other projects, give drum lessons, and produce other Artists as well going forward. As I designed the room's interior treatments, leopard print continually kept getting in the mix of choices for aesthetic decor. I love the old Exotica album art and the Tiki bars of the past. I also like that people call musicians "cats" sometimes too.

But I wanted more than a "studio", or "room", or "space", I wanted this creative operation center to be a "lair"! I want people to not really think they are in a recording studio; this is a sanctuary you would like to hang out in, play or listen to tunes, without worry of judgement or intrusion, a place to focus and dwell in an atmosphere of bliss and encouraged musical spontaneity. Yes, and I will admit, there had to be a "Man Cave" nuance as well too!

An important issue for me is having my drum students feel totally comfortable and really excited about coming for drum lessons here. I want everyone to be totally stoked for coming by the "Leopard Lair"! I desire musicians to have fun here and have memorable creative experiences. It's been a big break for me getting this space to work in, which makes me feel much gratitude for this blessing and opportunity.

I look forward to working with you in the future, and catapulting your musical ambitions with me.

Cheers! ~Baron




For an appointment to see the Blue Leopard Lair, take drum lessons, record instruments or vocals, and discuss how I can help you achieve your musical and creative goals, please contact Baron at:




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